Francesco Bocchini

Francesco Bocchini, is an internationally known artist, born in 1969 in Cesena, Italy.

He studied art at the Fine Arts Academy in Bologna. Since 1996 Francesco has been participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions, both in Italy and internationally, winning recognition and numerous awards. For many years during the 1990s and early 2000s Francesco collaborated with several theatre companies both in Italy and in Denmark, such as Valdoca Theatre Company in Cesena, Perduta Academy in Ravenna, Rio Rose Theatre Company and Björn Theatre in Denmark and finally Deicalciteatro Company in Bologna, where he created the production design for their plays and productions.

With Francesco and his work, his native region’s rich history and tradition of talents, visionary poets, polite eccentrics and surreal geniuses, those strange characters portrayed by Fellini and Tonino Guerra, continues. Francesco’s world is one of metal and mechanics, which in his hands comes to life with great narrative power. He creates small and large sculptures using scrap metal, ranging from the roof of a Fiat 500 to small tin cans, which he bend, weld and paint. By putting technical mechanisms and attaching crank handles to his sculptures, they are brought to life by the touch of a human hand. The approach seems playful, entertaining and casual but when the handles are turned the sculptures are shaken by a jerky, warped movement, like slowly awakening a fractured, wayward material stripped of its former glory revealing an oxidized life as a reject. However, with Francesco’s gentle help they now enjoy new life that don’t serve anything but their own, vibrating and sudden desire.

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