Giovanni Maranghi

Giovanni Maranghi, born in 1955, is an internationally known Italian painter who is living and working in his birthplace near Florence, Italy.

Born in to a family where art has been in the center for generations, Giovanni's father was an art merchant and his grandfather was the painter Alfonso Maranghi, his roots in the art world are strong. He began his training at a young age and he studied art at Liceo Artistico and Academy of "Belle Arti" in Florence.

Already at the age of 20 Giovanni had the possibility to make a solo exhibition in Bari, Italy, and from that point on his art career took off with several solo- and group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.

It is in the 1990s, with an important exhibition in Milan, "La poltrona dei sogni" he becomes truly known to the major art collectors. Hereafter follows a series of exhibitions in USA where his success continues. Throughout the years Giovanni Maranghi has been exhibited in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and USA, editorials and specials in several magazines has been dedicated to his work, you find his work in museums and his art is collected worldwide.

Giovanni Maranghi is a current member of the old Paiolo di Firenze Company (former Cultural Association dating back from 1512).

In his works Giovanni uses a variety of techniques and display different styles of painting, such as the classical where he work with oil paint and different kinds of stucco/moldings and collage, which takes a long time to produce. Further there is the "encausto" (a form of engraving), an ancient painting technique where pigments are mixed with wax, kept liquid and are put on the surface using a brush or a spatula and then fixed with hot tools of metal, creating marbling effects and contours. Another technique which he use in many of his work is the "resina" where the base is a form of drip painting, used for outlining contours, over which a synthetic resin which hardens irreversibly is layered leaving a transparent and glossy surface. All of the techniques and materials offer their own distinct characters and stimuli. Other curiosities of Giovanni are the notes often found in his work, as a background collage made of old note book papers, geographical maps, fax papers and letters leaving us a glimpse of a submerged world.

Giovanni's family history makes him start an art career with inspiration from the female world, which he often treats in an ironical but never disrespectful way. The female figure is almost constantly used in his works and his women are sensual, enchanting, magnetic, Socratic, irreverent, ambiguous and impertinent. Giovanni traces their profiles and faces making evident facial features and marking out some peculiar detail that makes each face unique. Faces which are proud, serene and almost hieratic. It is easy to fall in love with his figures and with that in to the dream and fantasy world where his paintings takes us. His characters are actors in the great drama and/or comedy of life, and their roles are never the same. He keeps the metaphors, the dreams, wishes and feelings very much alive. His women are inconceivable; with long feet and spindle like fingers and toes, that gradually grow thinner at the tip, swollen, large breasts often in disorder, short, fat or plump women who are far away from any weight loss pills and picture perfect. It is however exactly these imperfections in the models of Giovanni that the female spectator will feel more related to than the models used by Armani or Versace. His women are never caricatures or romantic strip objects, they make us feel emotion, passion and love. Giovanni's women are free, they stop to talk to the moon or sit at a table in a bar waiting to be served tea in a small painted cup, they are women who talk about their dreams and needs in bright colored sofas. And, if occasionally they appear to offer themselves to our gaze, they are nonetheless insensitive to our imagination and only wish to be admired without counterpart.

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