Giovanni Talarico, born in 1963, is an Italian artist who divides his time between painting and sculpting. He is living and working in his birthplace in Scigliano, Italy.

He began his training at a young age and is mostly an autodidact artist, although he attended Liceo Artistico in Cosenza and participated in courses in sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence where he specialized in working in marble and bronze.

Giovanni Talarico’s art career took off in 1990 when he was awarded the silver plaque at Premio Arte 1990, Mondadori in Milan.

Since then he has participated in an abundance of solo- and group exhibitions, cultural events as well as art competitions, both in Italy and internationally, where he has received further awards.

Giovanni Talarico’s work is found in museums and public places in Italy and internationally, and his art is collected worldwide.

In his works Giovanni uses a variety of materials, both traditional ones such as marble, granite and various stones, bronze and wood, and newer technology which offers resins and special metals and alloys containing of e.g. lead, aluminum, copper and bronze.

All of the materials offer their own distinct characters and stimuli which is not transferrable to others.

Many times the material used is used in its untreated form as Giovanni thinks the work itself is growing and maturing with time as the material changes character, e.g. lead and aluminum are getting duller with age.

The evolution of Giovanni’s work is intertwined with his awareness of man’s fragility in a time and life so much focused on consumerism and commercialization.

Man, fragile like the most precious and delicate goods can be “transformed” into a container, a packaging to be handled with care. So in many of his work, words like “fragile” and “do not turn upside down” can be found. As man, these delicate containers, journey through life barcodes emerge, as a mark or sign that the proper goods are laid in the proper containers and are readily identified. These barcodes are often in full display in his work and at times almost hidden.

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