Ian Rusth, born 1950 in Trollhättan, is a Swedish well established naive art artist who has always taken his own path in life.

His unrestrained relationship with the powerful pastel colors, which has always characterized his paintings, is almost breathtaking to the onlooker.

He describes himself as a “narrative naïvist” and he is a completely self-taught artist. He did apply to art academies a few times, but says that his free relation to motifs, colors and brushes would be unlikely to survive a couple of years of study there. One can still succeed, as Ian Rusth has proved. He has been an active artist since the 70’s and the audience has taken him and his paintings to their hearts.

One characteristic that has almost become his signature is the red dog that often appears in the paintings. It was originally a cat with a tail that fell off and then it became a dog Ian says. Another characteristic is his frames, old door and window frames. He doesn’t want to use new wood as it is the scraped surface that ensures the perfect sheen. To paint directly on the wood fascinates the artist and the result has become icon like paintings which are intricately gilded before the typical motifs are taking them in possession.

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