Laura Matteoli, born in 1955 in Italy, is an autodidact painter whose art is highly appreciated and has won recognition both in Italy and abroad.
A person with a strong sense of curiosity, Laura has always been attracted by the visual arts and especially by painting. In 1987 she painted her first oil paintings and took part in various local art contests winning several prizes and obtained widespread critical success. In 1992 she began to paint with watercolor, a technique she has never given up, producing many small size paintings on paper. Ever since the mid-1990s she has been participating in several solo and group exhibitions in important Italian cities such as Florence, Milan, Rome and Trieste.

The hallmark of her art is a very vivid use of colors and in her paintings, apart from watercolors, Laura uses a wide range of other techniques and materials, such as acrylic, pastel, collage, pumice, mortar and chalk.
Although her works are abstract in nature they are rich in poetic and spiritual figurative values. Her paintings are fragments of dreams, pictorial diaries and travel notes transcribed on canvas. Like a landscape which goes by and changes before our eyes from the windows of a moving train or from an airplane a mile above. A teeming universe filled with lines, stylized figures, icons, words and symbols. For Laura a painting is the page of a diary on which she traces a kind of topographical map of her experiences and the moments she has lived. The chromatic elements and symbols are arranged in a “narrative” way so that every element on the canvas follows a course that leads the story of the depicted image. The canvases are messages in a bottle entrusted to the sea of art.

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