Luigi Christopher Veggetti Kanku

Luigi Christopher Veggetti Kanku was born in 1979 in Kinshasa, Zaire, and is today living and working in Italy.

Christopher is mostly an autodidact painter whose talent gradually emerged during his studies in graphic design at the Educational Institutions under I.T.C.S. Gadda di Paderno Dugnano where he also graduated. In 1999 he held his first exhibition and for the following years he continued exploring painting.

Three years later he refined his painting technique at the studio and painting workshop of Uboldo, conducted by master Vanni Saltarelli.

It is in 2002, when he starts his first important collaboration with art galleries which invested in his young talent his success is a fact. Since then he has participated in several solo and group exhibitions and art fairs, winning recognition and numerous awards, including the first prize at the Seventh Edition of the Prize Ghiggini Arte of young painting and sculpture 2008 and second prize at International Caterina de Medici in Florence in 2009. His art has evoked attention and been presented in major Italian magazines such as Arte Mondadori and Flash Art.

Christopher’s paintings are intimate, conveying warmth that permeates and pervades both naked faces and busy city streets. With introspective intensity his search takes us to places, which transcends the formal to get to the essence of emotion. He finds inspiration from daily activities and the people around him and he wishes to talk about people: “I want to portray man in his singularity and in his plurality. I want to talk about the loneliness of being together”.

In his classic works he mostly uses oil and acrylic on canvas, and once he has made the work perfect… he ruins them. Ripping, tearing and putting corrosive fluids on the surface all creating an effect as if the paintings have been buried in the attic for decades. Then he get to work again restoring them, trying to revive the memory, exalting the present and making it past again.

Exploring his identity, Christopher has managed to “reinvent” himself behind the pseudonym and alter ego “Untizio”, italian for “unknown”. Untizio is his other half, the pop side of the artist, bringing about lightness in the paintings and simplicity of color and form, without the need to investigate and dissect the motif.

To convey this he has chosen a straightforward, immediate and very common object, well known to all of us – the cup. His cups come in small and extra-large sizes, made in vivid colors in oil and acrylic on canvas. Although the cups seem to be similar in appearance, as you look closer they are as diverse and complex as the diversification of human personalities. Just choose the cup you are or want to be; yellow, red, chipped, small, bright, upside down, simple, solid, stained or clean.

However, in the guise of this unknown artist, the canvas still imbues the emotions, fears, joys and flaws without anyone noticing it. The common object becomes the key, the mirror of our truest self, the ones we are or dream to be.

Painting from the city series

Painting from the faces series (this painting is sold)

Painting from the city series

Painting from the faces series

Painting from the city series

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