Philippe Delenseigne

Philippe Delenseigne is a french artist born 1971 in Calais.

Delenseigne's calls his works bi-dimensional, although the use of this term it is not entirely correct. In fact, he often modifies the structure of the canvas, creating swellings or trying to “dig” the canvas, making a constant effort to give shape to chiaroscuros.

The objective fact that catches the eye is given by biomorphic compositions which appear on the surface and distinguish the work of Delenseigne. The artist names them drops, because the creative process requires dripping drops of glues and plastic, which interfere with the perception of neutral background.

So there is a double interpretation: on one hand the dripping of extra-organic materials, and on the other hand the shadows created by the effect of the light on it.

Delenseigne’s works deal with themes related to the higher mankind sphere. The tendency of the so called drops, as the hypnotic micro-cellular dances in his videos, is inevitably affected by a great expressive power, produced by the continuous wiggling of the artist’s feelings.

What is life if not an incessant turmoil of waving feelings? Delenseigne, evidently, knows the lesson well, and that is why the origin of his work is a starting point for a personal feeling; but he does not want to keep it secretly guarded.

It is made available for the spectator, as though the artist wanted to share it, in the attempt of starting an intimate reflection within who is watching; because knowledge and self-concept are a starting point, not the final stage of a long elaboration process.

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