As an international artist Munín-Glück combines different cultural experiences and the duality of modern life.

She was born in Argentina, grew up in Buenos Aires, and currently lives in Southern Germany. Not having been born in the country she lives in and not living in the country she’s been born in, gives her another perspective, a distance, which allows her to observe the structures of society and of social interaction with a certain detachment, free from the tinging conventions, traditions, rituals that have existed for centuries.

The character of her artwork is highly recognizable. It scrutinizes the social, political and cultural structures, depicting social imbalances. It is filled with dramatic symbolism, exposing signals of deterioration, illustrating contrasting perspectives, displaying the isolation of anonymous lifestyles within the framework of urban landscapes. 

People in different cultural settings, captivated in forces of consumption,imprisoned in their own conventions, fighting with their self-imposed limitations, breaking out, searching for freedom, or getting confronted with the shadowaspect of society. Through her artwork she challenges established structures with a dynamic expression laying bare different layers of existence and human nature.

These cultural contexts are just a subtext – they serve to illustrate the messageunderlying each painting - the search for meaning - which is central to humankind. In her paintings there are mere traces of a narrative that engage the viewer by utilizing the visual power of messages impacting the consciousness, up to the point of interacting with him. The energy present in her creations attempts to trigger an emotional response. 

Munín-Glück creates scenes in spaces, with a touch of humor and sexuality, and an unconventional mixture of materials and techniques. There is no limitation in the choice of the materials, supporting the subject matter of breaking with the conventional structures. 

Her artwork has been shown in several European countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Austria, England, Latvia) and in the USA (Red Dot Miami). She also won the 1st price of the 12th international Syrlin Art Prize.

Munín-Glück is an impassioned artist traveling the world, she loves to meetpeople from different cultures and social backgrounds. She’s fond ofexperiencing the beauty

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